Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 64 / SEPTEMBER 1985 / PAGE 100

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Home Control Package
The X-10 Powerhouse interface is a freestanding controller for lights, heating, cooling, security devices, and other appliances, which you preset with your computer by following simple software-driven onscreen icons representing controllers for each room of your home or business. Available initially for the Apple II series, the system is scheduled to be available for the Commodore 64/128 in September and the IBM PC/PCjr in October.
    The Powerhouse lets you control up to 72 lights and appliances plugged into System X-10 modules, which in turn are plugged into your home's electrical outlets. To program the Powerhouse interface, you use a joystick to graphically "install" lights and appliances in each room in positions which correspond to the actual locations in your own home. Once programmed with your computer, the system operates independently. X-10 modules can be purchased at electronics stores. The Powerhouse interface sells for approximately $125, while the appropriate software and connecting cable retails for an additional $25.
X-10 (USA), Inc., 185A LeGrand Avenue, Northvale, NJ 07647
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