Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 64 / SEPTEMBER 1985 / PAGE 100

News & Products

IBM, Apple Educational Software
World Book Discovery, Inc., a subsidiary of World Book, Inc., recently released its line of Discovery software for Apple IIe, IIc, and IBM PCjr computers. The series includes 21 programs for children ages three and up.
    Discovery software is divided into three categories: Preschool (ages three to five), which focuses on readiness skills like number and pattern recognition); primary (ages six to ten), which offers practice in skills like arithmetic, problem-solving and vocabulary-building; and intermediate (ages ten and up), which helps older students further expand skills learned earlier.
    Each series of seven programs is available for $249.95. Individual programs retail for $39.95.
World Book, Inc., The Merchandise Mart, Fifth Floor, Chicago, IL 60654
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