Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 64 / SEPTEMBER 1985 / PAGE 10

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Atari Tape-To-Disk Transfer
When I bought a disk drive for my Atari system, I was faced with retyping all the machine language programs (like SpeedScript, COMPUTE!, May 1985) I had previously saved on tape. Instead, I found a way to use "Atari MLX" to load a machine language program from tape, and then either save it as a binary disk file or make a boot disk. To make a binary file, change line 390 of MLX as follows:

390 IF N=-19 THEN MEDIA= ASC("
    D"):DTYPE=70:GOTO 720

Change line 390 as follows to make a boot disk:

390 IF N=-19 THEN MEDIA= ASC("
    D"):GOTO 720

After that's done, run MLX and follow the instructions, loading from tape and saving to disk when appropriate.
David L. Pettite

Thank you for the information. Readers should note that this temporary change to line 390 is only for converting tape files to disk files. It is not a correction to MLX, and should not be permanently incorporated into your copy of Atari MLX.