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Kaypro Benchmark Test
I have been reading the series of articles on the MSX operating system which have appeared in recent issues of COMPUTE! [December 1984 and January 1985].
    The benchmark program in the January 1985 issue ("MSX Is Coming, Part 2: Inside MSX") was of particular interest, since my old faithful Commodore 8032 showed up rather well. However, since I recently added a Kaypro 10 to my stable, I thought it worthwhile to test it with this program.
    Using Kaypro's MBASIC Version 5.1, the benchmark program ran in a dazzling 4 minutes 21 seconds, more than a minute faster than the IBM PC, and two minutes faster than the Goldstar MSX.
    Even more interesting, by replacing line 180 as follows:

180 IF A(K)>A(K+1) THEN SWAP

the running time dropped to 3:16!
    In earlier tests on my Kaypro, I had already established that MBASIC runs faster than CBASIC, a compiled BASIC also included with the Kaypro.
Paul Becher

Remember that all benchmark test results should be taken with a grain of salt, as often the benchmark program can be revised to utilize the peculiarities of a certain computer or language for optimum effect.
    Here's a listing of the program we ran for anyone who would like to try it out:

110 DIM A(150)
120 FOR J=1TO150
130 A(J)=151-J
140 NEXT J
160 EX=0
170 FOR K=0TO149
180 IF A(K)>A(K+1) THEN T=A(K):A(K)=A(K+1
190 NEXT K
200 IF EX<>0 THEN GOTO 160