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More Commodore Overheating
I have had a Commodore 64 for nine months, and am now experiencing problems. After an hour or so of use the bottom of the computer gets very warm, the computer locks up, and I lose everything not saved. Is there any remedy short of sending it back to Commodore?

Chuck Kutz-Marks

Your problem seems to be related to overheating, but it's impossible to tell from a letter exactly what is causing the problem. It could be caused by any one of a number of faults. Your best choice is probably to return your computer to Commodore, but first you may want to try some simple troubleshooting.
    Try borrowing a power supply from a friend who has a 64 and see if the problem occurs again. If not, then your power supply has developed a thermal fault and needs to be replaced. Several independent sources sell power supplies.
    You may also want to remove the foil-covered cardboard shield found inside most 64s. It's designed to cut down interference between the computer and a TV set, but it also traps heat.
    If you or a friend is handy with hardware, you could locate the components responsible for the excessive heat and install a heat sink to draw out and dissipate the heat. But don't attempt this unless you're experienced at this kind of repair.
    If you continue to have problems, your best bet is to contact Commodore's Customer Service Department by calling 215-431-9100 and arrange to return your 64 for service. Although this will take several weeks, it's probably your cheapest alternative.