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Okimate 20 printer
The Okimate 20 printer for IBM PCs and
compatibles offers letter-quality, color
printing for $268. From Okidata.

New IBM, Apple Printers
Okidata has introduced the Okimate 20, a letter-quality, color printer for the IBM PC and PC compatibles, and the Microline 182, a dot-matrix printer for IBM and Apple computers, both of which retail for under $300.
    The Okimate 20 ($268) uses a thermal transfer printing process to create full color screen dumps on virtually any kind of paper. Two software programs, Learn to Print and Color Screen Print, are included. It prints 80 characters per second in draft mode, and 40 cps in letter-quality mode. The Microline 182 ($299) prints 120 cps in utility-quality printing, and 60 cps for enhanced printing.

Okidata, 532 Fellowship Rd., Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Circle Reader Service Number 200.