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Brøderbund Software has announced a new graphics package, Dazzle Draw, for the Apple IIc and Apple IIe with 128K of memory, as well as an update of its Print Shop graphics package for the Apple II family and the Commodore 64. The firm also has released three new games, Karateka, The Ancient Art of War, and The Serpent's Star.
    The Print Shop Graphics Library Disk 1 ($24.95) adds 120 designs, pictures, and symbols to the Print Shop program. Dazzle Draw ($59.95) uses mouse control, icons, and pull-down menus to select various program functions. It requires an 80-column card, a Revision "B" board, and one disk drive.
    The Serpent's Star ($39.95, for Atari computers and the Commodore 64), an adventure game with animated graph ics, is a sequel to Mask of the Sun. Karateka ($34.95; for Apple II computers and the Commodore 64) is a karate game. The Ancient Art of War ($44.95) is a strategy game for the IBM PC, PCjr, PC-XT, and compatibles.

Brøderbund Software, 17 Paul Dr.,San Rafael, CA 94903
Circle Reader Service Number 204.

Dazzle Draw
Brøderbund Software's new program,
Dazzle Draw, lets you create colorful
graphics with an Apple II computer.