Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 58 / MARCH 1985 / PAGE 147

Apple, Atari Educational Programs
Three educational programs that teach geography, history, and social studies have been announced by Rand McNally & Company for Apple II and Atari computers.
    Unlocking the Map Code teaches geography and map reading skills. It is targeted for students in grades four through six. In Time and Seasons, students in grades seven through nine learn the various seasonal and time differences around the world. Choice or Chance? helps students understand and comprehend the reasons behind historical happenings in light of geography. Also targeted for grades seven through nine, it covers three eras in history: exploration, westward movement, and industrialization.
    Each program retails for $111.

Rand McNally & Co., P.O. Box 7600, Chicago, IL 60680
Circle Reader Service Number 203.