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Personal Productivity Software

Arrays, Inc./ Continental Software has introduced several personal productivity software packages for Apple and IBM computers, including:
    The Home Accountant Expanded, an accounting package for Apple IIc and IIe computers ($74.95 suggested retail price); and a new, compiled version of The Home Accountant Plus ($149.95) for the IBM PC.
    Also, educational versions of Ultra-File, a filing, reporting, and graphics package; Property Management, a program to record transaction history for residential and/or commercial income property-related charges; and Learn to Type, a typing program, have been released for the IBM PC and PCjr computers.
    Ultra-File retails for $195.00, Property Management for $495.00, and Learn to Type for $39.95. Educational versions of each program retail for $29.95.

Arrays, Inc./Continental Software
11223 South Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045