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Riteman LQ
The Riteman LQ is a letter-quality printer that retails for $299 and prints 20
characters per second.

New Printers

Riteman Computer Printers has introduced a line of printers which is compatible with most home computers. Among the new printers are:
    The Riteman LQ ($299), a letter-quality printer which has a print speed of 20 characters per second (cps); the Riteman Plus ($399), a dot-matrix printer which can print at 120 cps; the Riteman Blue Plus ($499), a dotmatrix printer which prints at 140 cps and can print graphics. Included are eight international character sets and 32 block graphic characters. The Riteman II ($549 with 2K RAM and $599 with 8K RAM) is a dot-matrix printer with a print speed of 160 cps.

Riteman Computer Printers
Airport Business Park
431 Oak St.
Inglewood, CA 90302