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Apple Word Processing Program

Apple Computer, Inc. has announced an enhanced version of its Apple Writer II word processing program.
    New features include: horizontal scrolling; text display that shows the page and line count without having to print the document; built-in terminal mode that allows access to information services such as CompuServe and The Source; and a utility that enables users who do not have a ProDOS user's disk to format a blank disk for use with the program.
    The enhanced version also includes a training disk, mail merge option, and built-in word processing language.
    Data files created with previous DOS 3.3-based versions of Apple Writer can be converted to the ProDOS format by using a conversion utility on the ProDOS user's disk.
    Apple Writer II retails for $149. Until February 1, 1985, Apple IIe users can upgrade their software to version 2.0 by sending their master disk, manual cover, and $50 to:

Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Writer II Upgrade
P.O. Box 306
Half Moon Bar, CA 94019.