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Using The Commodore Wedge In Your Programs
Many people incorrectly state that DOS 5.1 commands don't work in program mode. The commands not only work, but can be used to do some things which would be difficult or impossible to do from BASIC. It's only necessary to enclose the operand in quotes. For instance:
    This will initialize the disk drive and list the disk directory without disturbing the program in memory. Other possible uses for the Wedge in program mode exist.
Dave Palmer

Thanks for sharing the information. It's also helpful to begin your program with a loader routine that installs DOS 5.1 so you don't have to remember to load the Wedge each time. In addition, this keeps other people who may use your program from complaining about the inexplicable crashes they may encounter otherwise. Make sure DOS 5.1 is on the same disk as your loader routine.