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Modifications Or Corrections To Previous Articles

Enhanced 64 DOS Support
Author Stephen Melsheimer reports that a number of readers have uncovered a problem with the "LOAD and RUN" (T) command of this utility (p. 163, November 1984). Occasionally a program - especially one with DATA statements - will fail to load and run properly. To correct this, he suggests that the following two lines be modified as shown:

1510 DATA 144, 255, 32, 89, 166, 76
1630 DATA 76, 144, 205, -1, 9616

Additionally, the article (p. 166) mentions that the wedge can be activated from within a program with SYS 52222. The correct value is SYS 52224.

64 Paintbox
There are several errors in the article for this graphics utility from the December 1984 issue. It states (p. 118) that you should use the filename 64 PAINTBOX if you want to use the loader program (Program 2). Actually, Program 2 looks for the filename PAINTBOX. You can either rename the saved file to PAINTBOX or change the string in line 230 of Program 2 to 64 PAINTBOX. Also, a line is missing in the first paragraph of the right column of that page. The sentence in parentheses should read: "(If you're using tape, Program 2 should precede 64 Paintbox on the tape, and the 8 in line 230 should be changed to a 1.)"

Apple Chess
The Apple version of "Chess" from the December 1984 issue (p. 102) works fine on the Apple IIc, but the program doesn't respond to keyboard commands when used on the II+ or Ile. To correct this, change the following lines:

350 IF PEEK(-16384)<128 THEN 350
550 I = PEEK(-16384):POKE -16368,0

Thanks to Gene and Brian Schmidt for discovering this oversight.

Atari Reflection
The Atari version (Program 1, p. 59) of this game from the November 1984 issue requires the two players to share one joystick. If you have two joysticks, reader William Q. Zapf suggests the following simple modifications to allow the program to read two joysticks:

         Q=10 OR Q=14 OR Q=N6 THEN IF
         YP>N1 THEN YP=YP-N1
M0 1340 IF STRIG(TURN-1) THEN 1240