Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 56 / JANUARY 1985 / PAGE 166

Fantasy Game, Graphics Utility For Apple

Xyphus, a fantasy role-playing game, and Cat Graphics, a utility program, have been released for Apple computers by Penguin Software.

Xyphus is a series of scenarios with continuing characters, featuring four-player independent movement and a variety of spells. Each scenario takes several hours to play, and all are linked together in a larger game.

Play occurs in the world of Arroya. Goblins and forces of demonic magic are in control of Arroya, but anyone who can slay Xyphus will gain a king­dom within the continent.

Xyphus retails for $34.95 on disk.

Cat Graphics adds 55 new commands to Applesoft BASIC and is designed to make creating and using graphics on the Apple much easier. The same commands can be used for both standard (Apple II and II + ) and double high-resolution graphics (Apple He and extended lies).

There are 108 colors available in standard high resolution, and 256 in the double high-resolution mode. Using the graphics commands eliminates the need to do PEEKs, POKEs, and CALLs. Sound and other commands are also included.

New drawing commands include Curve, Fill, Magnify, Line, Flip, and Reflect, and other commands allow text display on the graphics screen.

In addition, the electronic kaleidoscope program Electric Fire is also included in the $34.95 retail price.

Penguin Software
830 4th Avenue
P.O. Box 311
Geneva, IL 60134