Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 56 / JANUARY 1985 / PAGE 10

TI Peripherals

I noticed an inquiry in "Readers' Feedback" in the October 1984 issue of COMPUTE! regarding the availability of the Peripheral Expansion System and its associated plug-ins. Texas Instruments has a toll-free number (1-800-842-2737) for TI users with questions about product availability.

TI also has a list of third-party suppliers available. Some of them even make products that TI never got around to offering.

Randall L. Powell

Thanks for the information. We received numerous letters informing us of various third-party suppliers for TI peripherals, including alternate expansion systems, peripherals that work without any expansion system, and even leftover supplies of TI's own expansion box and cards. These are available mainly through mail-order outlets. In most areas it has become impossible to find any peripherals for the TI-99/4A in local stores.

Tamea Rector, advertising/marketing director of Tenex Computer Express, also sent us a copy of the company's 48-page catalog of TI products. To get a free copy, write to:

Tenex Computer Express
P.O. Box 6578
South Bend, IN 46660