Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 55 / DECEMBER 1984 / PAGE 201


Axiom Corporation's GP-550 dot-matrix printer offers both draft and near letter-quality printing for $299.

Dual Mode Dot-Matrix Printer

A $299 dot-matrix printer that can print in both near letter-quality and draft modes, the GP-550, has been introduced by Axiom Corporation. It is compatible with most personal computers.

In draft mode, the GP-550 can print up to 86 characters per second with six different character sets: pica, expanded pica, elite, expanded elite, condensed, and expanded condensed. The near letter-quality mode prints up to 43 characters per second and has 12 character sets: pica, expanded pica, elite, expanded elite, italic, expanded italic, superscript, expanded superscript, expanded subscript, subscript, proportional, and expanded proportional.

The printer also has a high-resolution graphics mode with 140 different characters, 18 different print fonts, and self-testing.

The GP-550 can print three copies, including the original, on either fanfold or cut sheet paper. It offers both pinfeed and friction feed as well as bottom feed.

Built-in interfaces for many home computers, such as Apple, Commodore, Atari, and Texas Instruments, are included. An additional model, the GP-550PC, has an interface for the IBM PC and PC compatibles. Units with built-in interfaces start at $319.

Axiom Corporation
1014 Griswold Avenue
San Fernando, CA 91340