Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 54 / NOVEMBER 1984 / PAGE 10

Upgrade A VIC To A 64?

I have expanded my VIC-20 to 32K. I want to know if I can run 64 software on it, because the expansion cartridge says, "Expands VIC to C-64 power."

Thomas A. Roznovsky

The VIC and 64 are inherently incompatible machines. The only similarity in power between a 32K VIC and a 64K Commodore 64 is that both machines would have roughly the same amount of BASIC programming space. If memory alone distinguished these machines, the expansion cartridge would suffice. But even though the VIC and 64 use almost identical microprocessors, the video, sound, and input/output hardware are completely different. The difference in screen width (22 versus 40 columns) is not a trivial consideration either. The VIC and 64 will never be able to run all of each other's software. Some BASIC programs that avoid hardware-specific features like sound and graphics will, however, run interchangeably on the VIC and 64.