Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 53 / OCTOBER 1984 / PAGE 188

Strategy, Action Games

Electronic Arts has introduced Archon II: ADEPT, a sequel to its strategy game, and Skyfox, a flying adventure game.

Skyfox is a single-player, disk-based game for the Apple II family. It pits Sky-Pilot against the enemy, whose mother ships are attacking Federation asteroid bases with aircraft and tanks.

After trying training missions, the player can attempt any one of 15 scenarios to advance in rank from Cadet to Ace.

In Archon II: ADEPT, chesslike strategy and action are combined. Players have the ability to conjure up spells, and the strategic goal is to gain magic power by capturing energy points.

Action play results when opposing pieces contest the ownership of a board square. The game may be played against the computer or another player.

Available for Atari computers with 48K of memory and the Commodore 64. Suggested retail price for each game is $40.

Electronic Arts
2755 Campus Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403
(415) 571-7171