Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 53 / OCTOBER 1984 / PAGE 10

WordPro 3 Plus/64 Modification

We've received several letters regarding incompatibility between WordPro for the 64 and the new Commodore 1526 printer. Apparently, due to modifications in the 1526, many users are encountering problems when printing with it.

The following is a memo sent to us from Professional Software, distibutors of WordPro. If you are having problems with WordPro and the 1526, enter and run the program below. It will change the WordPro program for use with the 1526.

"Due to the internal timing differences between the new Commodore 1526 printer and most other printers on the market, WordPro 3 Plus/64 must wait longer than 'normal' before attempting to print on the 1526 printer. Because of this timing difference, your WordPro 3 Plus/64 program will need to be modified before attempting to use it with the 1526 printer.

"The BASIC program below will perform this modification. Since the modification is performed right on the WordPro 3 Plus/64 disk, once the modification program is run, it does not ever need to be run again. Note that the program must be entered exactly as shown, as it may damage the WordPro program if entered incorrectly.

"For your protection, this program does not modify the backup program supplied on the WordPro 3 Plus/64 system disk. Again, since this program modifies the WordPro program itself, we strongly urge that this program be checked carefully before being run.

"To modify the WordPro 3 Plus/64 program so that it will operate a Commodore 1526 printer, turn on your Commodore 64 system and type in the following program, pressing <return> at the end of each line. Watch for the proper use of spaces, ones, zeros, commas, and punctuation. DO NOT use any capital letters."

10 rem copyright 1984 professional software inc
20 open 1, 8, 15, "i0"
30 open 5, 8, 5, "#"
40 print#l, "ul 5 0 13 11"
50 print#l, "b-p : 5 30"
60 print#5, chr$(208); chr$(51);
70 print#l, "u2 5 0 13 11"
80 print "done" : close 1 : close 5

"Next type LIST and press <return> to list the program. After carefully checking to see that the program has been correctly entered, remove the write protect tab from the WordPro 3 Plus/64 system disk, and insert the system disk into a 1541 and close the door. Type RUN and press <return>.

"The drive activity light should momentarily go on and the disk should spin. After a few seconds, the words 'done' and 'ready.' should appear on the screen and the cursor will reappear. The modification should now be complete. Remember to replace the write protect tab to protect the system disk from accidental erasure. Once the modification has been performed, the program does not need to be rerun.

"If an error message (and not the word 'done') appears on the screen or the disk activity light flashes, the program has been incorrectly entered or the write protect tab has not been removed. Carefully recheck the program for accuracy and repeat the previous steps."

If you would like further information on this. modification, or a copy of the modification memo for yourself, you may contact Professional Software at:

Professional Software Inc.
51 Fremont Street
Needham, MA 02194