Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 53 / OCTOBER 1984 / PAGE 10

Program Conversions

I used to own a PET Commodore Computer. Since then, I have been a subscriber to COMPUTE! magazine. COMPUTE! once published a program that would help in converting 64 and VIC-20 programs to the PET. I now own a 64 and need to convert some of my PET software into 64 format. Can you help?

Darren Storkamp

Conversions from one computer to another can sometimes become very involved because of the problems that POKEs or SYSs to machine-specific ROM routines can cause. The best way to attempt something like this might be to try to write a program on the new machine, in your case the 64, that follows the logic and flow of the old program. Even doing it this way, though, does not guarantee that the program will work properly. Some very simple PET programs can be used on the 64 if you first load a program called a PET emulator into the 64. This program is available from Commodore.