Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 53 / OCTOBER 1984 / PAGE 10

64 Reverse Lines

I would like to display 40 reverse spaces per line. But the printed fortieth character causes a line to be skipped before the next line of text is printed. Therefore, I must leave the fortieth column unprinted to. How may I accomplish this feat in 64 BASIC without skipping a line?

Philip A. Egan

Try PRINTing 39 reverse characters on the screen per line, and then add a routine that will POKE reverse characters into the fortieth column of each line. The following should help on the 64:

90 FOR X = 1053 TO 2023 STEP 40 : POKE X,160 :
POKE X + 54272, COLOR : NEXT

The variable COLOR can be any of the 64's colors.