Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 51 / AUGUST 1984 / PAGE 135

Home Educational Software For Apple, Atari, And Commodore

Sunburst Communications, which has supplied educational materials to schools for 12 years, has released three new products from their microcomputer division.

The Incredible Laboratory (ages seven to adult) uses the problem-solving strategy of trial and error and note-taking to discover what combinations of mysterious chemicals make up crazy monsters. Apple and Atari versions are available.

Challenge Math (ages 6–11) lets children practice basic math, estimation, and problem-solving skills. Available for Apple and Commodore 64.

Getting Ready To Read And Add (ages three to six) gives pre­schoolers practice in letter and number recognition. Available for Apple and Atari.

Suggested retail price for each program is $39.95.

Sunburst Communications, Inc.
Pleasantville, NY 10570
(914) 769-5030