Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 51 / AUGUST 1984 / PAGE 135

Educational And Entertainment Software For The TI-99/4A

American Software has announced four new software packages for the Texas Instruments 99/4A.

In Fireball, an arcade game for ages ten and older, you must climb a volcano without being hit by fireballs or falling into holes. The game requires either the Editor/Assembler cartridge or the Mini-Memory cartridge. Disk only; $16.95.

Letter Fun helps preschoolers learn the letters of the alphabet using colorful graphics and music. The child can choose from three different learning levels. Speech Synthesizer and Extended BASIC are required. Cassette $19.95; disk $21.95.

Try your luck at the horse racing track with American Derby. This game is set up to simulate the betting that would go on at a track, including variable track conditions, an insider's sheet, and realistic odds. You can bet on up to 36 different horses. Designed for ages ten to adult; up to six may play at a time. Requires Extended BASIC. Cassette $14.95; disk $16.95.

Speed Read was written for adults who want to improve their reading speed. This package of programs includes information on the reading process as well as pacing aids and reading passages to test your speed. It requires Extended BASIC. Cassette $29.95; disk $31.95 (disk version requires memory expansion).

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