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How Much Commodore 64 Memory?

I have a Commodore 64. How do I determine how much memory a program occupies? I cannot find this information in either the 64 User's Manual or the Programmer's Reference Guide.

Donald E. Lassiter, Jr.

The amount of BASIC memory available on the 64 is 38,911 bytes. You will see this message when you first turn the 64 on. To determine how much memory is left free (unused), type and enter:

PRINT FRE(0)–65536* (FRE(0)<0)


PRINT (FRE(0)+2↑16)

To determine how much memory a program is using, subtract the value received using the formula above from 38911, or type and enter:

PRINT 38911 -(FRE(O) - 65536 * (FRE(0) < 0))


PRINT 38911–(FRE(0)+2↑16)