Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 50 / JULY 1984 / PAGE 148


Stress Reduction Software

Relax, a computer-controlled biofeedback system aimed at stress reduction, is available from Synapse Software for the Atari, Commodore, Apple, and IBM personal computers.

The system allows the user to observe and measure his or her stress levels oh a video monitor or television set, and provides a method to attempt to reduce those levels.

A headband with three electromyograph (EMG) sensors measures tension in the forehead's frontalis muscle. The software converts these measurements into visual patterns designed to monitor the stress level. An audio tape has a program of therapeutic relaxation exercises, and a workbook provides guidelines for reducing stress and establishing a personal stress management profile.

Relax is available for $139.95.

Synapse Software
5221 Central Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804
(415) 527-7751