Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 50 / JULY 1984 / PAGE 6

Atari 800 Keyboard Failure

I own an Atari 800 computer with 48K. Five of my console keys (these are 6, 7, T, Y, and N) no longer call a character to the screen when they are pressed. I have tried turning off the computer and then turning it back on, but this does not solve my problem. The 90-day warranty by Atari has expired, so I have to solve the problem myself.

Is this problem simple enough to be solved at home? If not, then where should I take my machine and approximately how much would it cost to get it fixed?

Luis A. Betances

Of course, we cannot diagnose your problem sight unseen, but we do have a few suggestions. First, you can easily pry off the keycaps with a paper clip. (Be careful: The spring may jump out.) Check to see that the contacts are clean, with no particles preventing closure of the two contacts.

If that doesn't help, and if you don't mind opening your computer, the keyboard is easily accessible. (Be sure the computer isn't plugged into the wall socket.) Check the keyboard cable to see that it is not twisted, frayed, or loose. If this isn't the cure, you'll have to return your computer to an authorized Atari Service Center. Call Atari Customer Service for the name of the dealer nearest you, toll-free: (800) 538-8543.