Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 49 / JUNE 1984 / PAGE 149

Four Educational Games For 64, Atari

Spinnaker Software has four new educational software titles, two for the Commodore 64, one for the Atari, and one for both computers.

Grandma's House, directed toward children four to eight, is a game for the 64 and the Atari that lets youngsters create and furnish their own playhouse. The program helps children learn to design and create, and is available on disk for $34.95.

Ranch, ages five to ten, is available on cartridge for the 64. The program lets a player create and animate wild west scenes. Starting with a blank screen, the player populates it with a range of people, objects, and animals. You can copy, color, move, erase, or animate shapes. Ranch is priced at $39.95.

Aegean Voyage, for ages eight to adult, has players navigate ships through the Aegean Sea, docking at islands to collect clues from the Oracles. By connecting the clues, players can find treasure. The game introduces many names from Greek mythology and emphasizes strategic thinking and deductive reasoning. The program is available for $39.95 on cartridge.

Adventure Creator, ages 12 to adult, lets players learn how to design an adventure game. Players have up to 100 rooms to fill with mazes, creatures, hazards, and treasures. The program also can have the computer design the world for the player. Adventure Creator is available on cartridge for the Atari computer for $39.95.

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