Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 49 / JUNE 1984 / PAGE 149

Apple Time Management System

Creative Peripherals Unlimited, Inc., has announced Time-Trax, The Time Management System for the Apple II, II+, and IIe computers.

The system is a time- and date-oriented appointment and scheduling program which plugs into the computer's game port and provides another port for game paddles. It is powered by the computer when turned on and by two AA batteries (not included) when the computer is off.

Up to 311 entries can be made in a single month, and up to 99 entries can be included on a single day. Important entries can be flagged. Annual entries can be made that will appear every year on the scheduled day and time, such as birthdays, policy renewals, and anniversaries. The program has search features, and will allow printouts of information.

Time-Trax is available for $99.95.

C.P.U., Inc.
1606 S. Clementine
Anaheim, CA 92802
(800) 854-8021 nationwide
(800) 432-7268 California