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How To Turn A Computer On

I have a question concerning peripheral equipment. When first turning on the computer equipment, I've heard that it is advisable to turn on the accessories first and the computer last. Is it okay to have all three units (computer, disk drive, and printer) plugged into a single power strip, and turn everything on at once merely by turning the power strip on?

Robert C. Leuten

No. Computers, and electronic equipment in general, often have circuits that protect against damaging surges of power when equipment is first turned on. By leaving all your equipment on and turning on the power strip, you defeat this circuitry. This could damage your equipment.

Also consider that the more devices on the power strip, the bigger the initial surge will be. So generally, it's a good idea to turn on each piece of equipment in the proper order, one at a time.

Another commonly asked question is, "In what order should I turn on the computer equipment?"

The Commodore 1541 disk drive owner's manual states that the computer should always be turned on last. Since the printing of that manual, Commodore has issued an update bulletin concerning the proper order for turning on the computer and its peripheral devices. Here are their recommendations:

  1. Computer, disk drive, printer
  2. Computer, disk drive, disk drive
  3. Computer, disk drive, disk drive, printer