Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 48 / MAY 1984 / PAGE 184

Music Adventure Games For Apple II

Syntauri Corporation has introduced Musicland, an advanced set of musical games for the Apple II.

The package is built from four basic games—Sound Factory, Timbre Painting, Music Doodles, and Music Blocks. The four games are integrated. Musicland is a foundation program from which advanced musical concepts and structures may be taught to young children.

The system attempts to maintain the interest of young students, while providing musical challenges for adult musicians as well. Aimed at musically untrained children, Musicland lets youngsters use joystick controls to discover musical form, timbre, orchestration, composition, and transposition.

Children can compose, edit, and play music as well. Interactive graphics aid exploration, from sketching a simple melody to inverting a complex musical passage. Multipart pieces can be composed, orchestrated, and played back in stereo. Each of the four games covers a different range of musical learning experiences.

Musicland requires a 64K Apple II computer system with one disk drive, plus synthesizers (the Mountain Computer Music-System) which plug into the Apple. The Musicland set with manuals sells for $150. The synthesizers are available for under $400.

Syntauri Corporation
4962 El Camino Real
Suite 112
Los Altos, CA 94022
(415) 966-1273