Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 48 / MAY 1984 / PAGE 184

Life Insurance Program For Atari, Commodore

Advanced Financial Planning has released Life Insurance Planning, a software package for the Atari 400 and 800 computers and the Commodore 64.

The program will calculate the inflation rate applicable to a user's budget; the user's total estate needs reduced into terms of today's dollars (such as future living expenses for the family, college expenses, and funeral expenses); the total estate provided by all sources of income and assets; and the total shortfall needed to be provided by life insurance.

Life insurance needs can be calculated for any year over the planning period in order to help the user select the proper type of insurance policy.

Life Insurance Planning supports virtually any printer, and requires a disk drive. The Atari version requires the Atari BASIC cartridge and 32K RAM. The package is priced at $29.95. When purchased with Advanced Financial Planning's Retirement Planning program, the total price is $49.95 (shipping prices are included in this total).

Advanced Financial Planning
20922 Paseo Olma
El Toro,
CA 92630
(714) 855-1578