Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 48 / MAY 1984 / PAGE 10

More Solutions For TI Cartridge Loading Problems

In the January 1984 "Readers' Feedback," I read a question about TI-99/4A cartridge loading problems. The problem was with lockup of the keyboard and broken screen display patterns after insertion of a program cartridge. The remedy given by COMPUTE! was to clean the contact strips of the program cartridge. I've found this to help, yet also discovered that this is not necessarily the complete solution. The cartridge connector extension that protrudes from the main circuit board may also be at fault. To remedy the problem means disassembling the computer, cleaning the contacts on both sides and both ends of the cartridge connector extension. This solved all of the problems I had encountered.

Richard Winslow

About four months after buying my TI, I had the same problem with loading the cartridges. I solved the problem by taking apart the computer and straightening the bracket which the cartridge plugs into. (It was bent.) Works perfectly now.

David L. Jones

I discovered that slightly lifting the back of an in-place cartridge seems to improve contact. So I cemented a small rectangle of soft black plastic about. 1 inch thick onto the cartridge insertion area to lift each cartridge a little.

I also use a "Widgit" (Navarone Industries) that holds three command modules and prevents some wear and tear on contacts.

John K. Newell