Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 48 / MAY 1984 / PAGE 10

BASIC B For The Atari 400 And 800?

  1. Is Atari going to make a Revision B of BASIC, as found in the new XL series on cartridge or other form for the 400 and 800 computers?
  2. I've been having trouble with my BASIC cartridge. Pac-Man works just fine, but when I plug in BASIC, either the screen goes blank, or I get two clicks and the screen goes blank, or it goes right into memo pad mode. This happens after I put in any other cartridge. Can anyone help me?

Kevin Bailey

As far as we know, Atari has no plans for offering an upgraded BASIC.

Even though ROMs are sturdy, solid-state devices, they can be damaged by static electricity or by being dropped. It's a good idea to ground yourself (by touching something made of metal) before you operate any computer equipment. But your BASIC'S not necessarily bad. You may just need to clean the contacts.

Normally, the contacts are not exposed, but you can stick a pencil or paper clip into the slot to lower the protective hood. Then, using a swab and rubbing alcohol, thoroughly clean the contacts, then let the cartridge dry. Incidentally, this is also a recommended procedure for your Operating System board and other RAM boards. You may also want to try some TV tuner cleaner in place of the rubbing alcohol.

We don't know of any problems with one cartridge leaving the machine in a state that prevents it from running another cartridge, especially since the power is cut off between cartridge changes. If any other readers are having similar problems, or have a cure, please write in.