Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 48 / MAY 1984 / PAGE 10

Commodore Sequential Append

I recently made a discovery that I think will help programmers using Commodore disk drives to create and use sequential files. In addition to writing a sequential file (OPEN 2,8,2, "SEQFILE,S,W") and reading a sequential file (OPEN 2,8,2, "SEQFILE,S,R"), it is possible to append a sequential file. This is a great help; rather than having to rewrite the entire file when additions are made (OPEN 2,8,2, "@0:SEQFILE,S,W"), all you have to do is use an A in place of the W when you open the sequential file for writing: OPEN 2,8,2, "SEQFILE,S,A". The DOS finds the end of the file and simply adds on the new data. You use the regular PRINT#2 statement to accomplish this.

Steve Gibson