Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 47 / APRIL 1984 / PAGE 182

Color Graphics Packages For 64

Sophisticated Software of America has released Grafix-Artist, a high-resolution color-graphics package for the Commodore 64, and Grafix-Printer, a high-resolution graphics printer-dump for use with printers/interfaces which emulate the Commodore 1525E printer.

Grafix-Artist was created to introduce children and adults to computer graphics and to programming by allowing them to use either a specially designed language or a joystick to control the onscreen graphics capabilities. The product can be used to create detailed screens which can then be included with other programs written in either BASIC or machine language. Design layouts, storyboarding, and ad displays are among the uses of Grafix-Artist.

Available on disk, Grafix-Artist has a price of $39.95. Grafix-Printer is available for $29.95.

Another Sophisticated Software product, Lesson Designer, which allows free-form lesson design, will be available this spring.

Sophisticated Software of America
198 Ross Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(215) 265-2277