Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 47 / APRIL 1984 / PAGE 181


Modifications Or Corrections To Previous Articles

Calorie Cop For Atari And TI

In the Atari version of this activity planning program from the December 1983 issue (p. 52), the GOTO 470 in lines 540 and 552 should be changed to GOTO 475. Also, lines 250 and 420 can be deleted.

In the TI version (Program 3), line 360 can be deleted and the following lines should be added or changed:

445 PRINT : :
750 IF MIN=0 THEN 870

Atari Quatrainment

The characters which appear as : : in line 20020 of Program 1 (February 1984, p. 78) should be the vertical line character, obtained by pressing SHIFT and the = key.

The Beginner's Page: Program Forms

Line 560 from Program 1 of this February column (p. 102) should read:


VIC 3-D Drawing Master

Users of this program (February 1984, p. 146) will encounter a syntax error in line 1803 when attempting to load a picture file from tape. The line should read:

1803 IFLEFTS(IN$, 1)="T"THENIN=1 :GOTO1805

64 Sound Tester

There were typographical errors in the corrections to this program (November 1983, p. 187) which appeared in the February "CAPUTE!" page. The modified program lines should have read:

310 FOR I=1TO15STEP2: POKEW,X: POKEHF, SO(I,A(2)): POKELF, SO (I+1, A(2))
311 O=O+1: FORN=1TOD(O): NEXT: POKEW, X-1: NEXT: FORI=1TO10000: NEXT

Hidden 64 Memory

If you use the techniques outlined in this article (January 1984, p. 172) to access the RAM under the Kernal ROM, you should be aware that at least one of the 64's Kernal routines writes to the RAM beneath it. Raymond Quiring notes that the Kernal routine RESTOR at address 65418 ($FF8A) writes to the RAM from 64816–64846 ($FD30–$FD4E). The RESTOR routine is called when the RESTORE key is pressed, or when a BRK instruction is encountered in machine language.

Making Cents

The February "Readers' Feedback" suggestion for a program line which formats numbers as dollars and cents (p. 10) produces improper values in those cases where the number is negative or zero. David Gamache suggests instead the following line, which works for both positive and negative numbers and zero:

V$=STR$ (X+(.001*SGN(X))) : V$=LEFT$(V$, LEN(V$)-1) : IFX=.THENV$="0.00"

Program Line Addresses For VIC And 64

The instructions given in January "Readers' Feedback" (p. 10) for appending this program to an existing BASIC program work only for the Commodore 64. For the unexpanded VIC, you should use POKE 44,16 instead of POKE 44,8 in step 4. The proper value for the 3K expanded VIC is POKE 44,4, and with 8K or more expansion you should use POKE 44,18.

VIC Modem Save And Download

There are still bugs in this program (November 1983, p. 215) after the corrections in the January "CAPUTE!" page. Load your version of the terminal program (Program 2 with the data from Program 1 added). Type POKE 45,49:POKE 46,20 and RETURN, then make the following changes and additions, suggested by Larry Flohaug:

170 OPEN4,4:FORK=6656TOPEEK(0)*256+PEEK(1):PRINT#4, CHR$ (PEEK(K)AND127);:NEXT
200 GOTO225

After making the modifications, type POKE 45,1:POKE 46,26 and save a copy of the revised program. The test of the Program 1 data in the original article (p. 216) will insure that the data has not been affected by these changes.


When you lose your last man in the VIC or 64 version of this game from the January issue (p. 84), the screen clears immediately. Cliff Tener suggests adding the following line to either version to create a sufficient delay to check your final score:

352 FOR T = 1 TO 2000: NEXT

Atari XL Compatibility Problems

Based on mail we have received, we suspect that the "Polycopy" program from the November 1983 issue will not run properly on any of the new Atari XL computers. The following programs work on the 1200XL, but apparently not on the 600 or 800XL: "Chopperoids" (December 1983), "Demons Of Osiris" (January 1984), and "Circus" (February 1984).