Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 47 / APRIL 1984 / PAGE 108

TI Cartridge Loading Problem

In answer to Charles Smith's inquiry (COMPUTE!, January 1984) regarding difficulty in repeated loading of TI-99/4A cartridges, several of us in a user group have had the same problem. It is the result of TI's use of a right-angle adapter for the cartridge socket.

The horizontal socket is mounted 90 degrees to a vertical connector board, which then plugs downward into the motherboard. Continued horizontal motion eventually loosens the pin tension in the motherboard socket. Unfortunately, the solution requires disassembly of the computer to gain access to the motherboard socket.

Charles Smith will have to decide whether he wants to tackle this on his own (possibly voiding his warranty), or refer the job to an authorized service center.

Donald C. McMahon