Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 47 / APRIL 1984 / PAGE 108

Automatic LOAD And RUN For Commodore

I own a Commodore 64 and would like to know if, after LOADing a program from tape or disk, there is a way to make it automatically RUN without having to actually type in the RUN command?

Jeffrey Stevens

On Commodore computers, you can LOAD and automatically RUN a program from disk or tape. For tape LOADs, simply hit the RUN/STOP key while the SHIFT key is depressed. The first program that is found on the tape will LOAD and RUN. If you wish to LOAD and RUN a program other than the first one, type in LOAD "Program Name",1: and then press the RUN/ STOP key with the SHIFT key down. In this case, the program designated by Program Name will LOAD and automatically RUN.

A similar procedure can be followed if you are using a diskdrive. Type LOAD "*",8: and then press SHIFT RUN/STOP to LOAD and RUN the last program accessed (if no program resides in memory, the first program listed in the directory will be LOADed). For programs other than the first one on the disk, type LOAD "Program Name",8: and press SHIFT RUN/STOP.