Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 353

Timex/Sinclair Games

Four new games for 16K Timex/Sinclair computers have been produced by JPR Software. Each of the games is available on tape for $12.95.

In Megawurm, a machine language game, you guide a rapidly growing worm through a maze without allowing it to hit its tail. Earn bonus points by eating food left throughout the maze, but as the worm eats, its tail becomes longer.

In The Assassin, you have been hired to protect a terrorized king from assassins. Success depends on solving riddles during realtime play.

Orgs & Ogres is an adventure game in which you face a series of monsters while attempting to collect 1000 gold pieces or slay a dragon.

In The Dark Empire, a space adventure, you lead a rebellion of nobles against the tyrant Pyrinx on the planet Rion.

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