Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 353

New Color Computers

Radio Shack has introduced its 64K Extended BASIC Color Computer and its 16K Color Computer 2.

The 64K Color Computer, described as the heart of a disk-based color graphics system, sells for $399.95. Unexpanded the computer can address 32K. With the addition of the Color 2 Disk Kit ($399.95) and the OS-9 operating system ($69.95), the full 64K of memory can be used.

The 64K Color Computer comes in a white case with an electric typewriter-like keyboard. Programming features include multicharacter variable names, string arrays of up to 255 characters, trace, floating point 9-digit accuracy, trigonometric functions, user-definable keys, and PEEK, POKE, and USR commands. Up to four disk drives can be attached to the computer.

The Color Computer 2, also encased in white with a full-stroke keyboard, is available in two versions. The standard version sells for $239.95, and the extended version sells for $319.95. Both models are designed for use with a cassette recorder as a mass storage device.

The Extended Color Computer 2 offers additional programming capabilities, including PEEK, POKE, and USR commands, multicharacter variable names, and one-line commands for creation of high-resolution graphics.

Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack
1800 One Tandy Center
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Radio Shack's 64K Color Computer comes in a white case with a redesigned keyboard.