Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 353

Educational Games

Three new educational programs from Learning Well have been released. Space Math, for children in grades one through six, creates an outer space scenario in which the Zorlyns are attacking Earth. A correct answer to a variety of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems lets the student shoot at the invaders. Available for $49.95 for the Atari 800/1200 and the Apple II/IIe.

Jungle Rescue Spelling is for elementary (grades one to four) or middle (grades five to eight) school children. A correct spelling lets the student rescue a monkey from a blazing jungle with the aid of a helicopter. The program allows either multiple choice or typing in the correct spelling. For up to six players, the game is written for the Apple II/IIe and available for $49.95.

That's My Story, a creative writing program for one or more student authors, creates the beginning of a story which students then continue. Many extra features are included. The package contains two double-sided disks for use on Apple II/IIe computers and is available for $59.95.

Learning Well
200 South Service Road
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577