Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 353

VIC And 64 Games

Three games for the unexpanded VIC-20 and one for the Commodore 64 are available from Microdigital.

Gridder is an arcade-style, grid-chase game. The player controls a painter whose job is to paint squares in a maze grid. The painting task is complicated by the presence of chasers, who attempt to end the painter's work.

Pinball Wizard features one or two players in a pinball game that looks and operates like the real thing.

Skramble! is an air-strike game which requires a player to fight for survival against eight different enemy defenses.

Each of these games is programmed in machine language for the VIC-20. Tape versions are available for $19.95; disk versions cost $24.95.

Snakman, a popular VIC-20 game, is now available for the Commodore 64. The 64 version of this maze-chase game makes full use of sprite graphics and music. The machine language game gets faster and faster as the score builds. Snakman for the 64 is available on disk or tape for $24.95.

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