Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 353

Software For The Schoolhouse

Melcher Software has produced a series of programs applicable to schoolwork, in both the administrative offices and the classroom.

The programs, available for the Commodore PET or 64, in­clude the following.

Compugrade is a gradebook program that can handle letter grades (plus and minus permissible) and a variety of other options. A number of classes can be entered at one time, and reports are available on screen or printer. The price of the program ranges from $16.95 to $24.95 depending on available memory and recording medium.

Stat is designed to help teach statistics. The program includes several subprograms, including a bar graph generator, binomial frequencies, confidence intervals, comparison of means, chisquare, correlation coefficient, linear regression equation, the Central Limit Theorem, and analysis of variance. Stat is available for $24.95.

Comp is an arithmetic drill program that includes four levels of difficulty, arranged as follows: 1. No decimals, no negative numbers; 2. Decimals, no negative numbers; 3. Negative numbers, no decimals; and 4. Decimals and negative numbers. Besides choosing a difficulty level, the player can choose any one of the four standard arithmetic operations or a combination of all. The program is available for $14.95 on tape, $19.95 on disk.

For the younger student, or even the preschooler, Letters for Little Ones provides a pair of educational games. Spell With Clues asks questions at random from a series of easy-to-customize questions, and Speed Letters is a game designed to develop eye coordination and letter recognition. The program sells for $9.99 on tape, $14.99 on disk.

The Attendance Master is an administrative program that can keep attendance records for up to 39 students per class and an unlimited number of classes. The program sells for $39.95. Another administrative program, Log, is an easy-to-use event logging aid. All events for a given date can be listed, all events pertaining to a single person can be listed, or all events can be listed. Log, which sells for $9.95, is available for the Apple II and Apple IIe as well as the PET and Commodore 64.

Add $2 shipping and handling for any Melcher Software program.

Melcher Software
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