Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 170


David D Thornburg, Associate Editor

A Turtle Resource Update

When we started "Friends Of The Turtle" in 1982, there were very few turtle graphics languages available in the marketplace, and even fewer books and other resources on this topic. In less than two years, the number of turtle-based activities and resources has exploded. Because many of you may not be able to keep up with all the activity in this area, I thought that it might be a good time to update the turtle resource list.

As hard as I try, I know this list will be quite incomplete. It's almost impossible to be completely up-to-date, so, if you have written a book or language that specifically relates to turtle graphics or to languages such as Logo, and it doesn't appear on this list, please send me a copy for review. I only write about things I have seen with my own eyes — a habit that is essential in this dynamic industry.


There are several books on turtle graphics available today, with new titles available every month or so. Because of the considerable interest in turtle graphics by young computer users, I have labeled each entry with a level. Generally, Level A books are suitable for kindergartners through fourth grade, Level B books are for fifth grade and up, and Level C is for college through adult readers.

H. Abelson, Logo for the Apple II, Byte Books/ McGraw-Hill, 1982. Level C.

H. Abelson, Apple Logo, Byte Books/McGraw-Hill, 1982. Level C.

H. Abelson and A. diSessa, Turtle Geometry: The Computer as a Medium for Exploring Mathematics, MIT Press, 1981. Level C.

D. Bearden, 1,2,3, My Computer and Me: A Logo Fun Book for Kids, Reston, 1983. Level A.

D. Bearden, K. Martin, and J. Muller, The Turtle's Sourcebook, Reston, 1983. Level A, B, C.

G. G. Bitter and N. R. Watson, Apple Logo Primer, Reston, 1983. Level B, C.

J. D. Burnett, Logo: An Introduction, Creative Computing Press 1982. Level A.

P. Coburn et al., Practical Guide to Computers in Education, Addison-Wesley, 1982. Level C.

A. Goldberg and D. Robson, Smalltalk-80: The Language and Its Implementation, Addison-Wesley, 1983. Level C.

E. P. Goldenberg, Special Technology for Special Children: Computers to Serve Communication and Autonomy in the Education of Handicapped Children, University Park Press, 1979. Level C.

P. Kelman et al., Computers in Teaching Mathematics, Addison-Wesley, 1983. Level C.

H. Kohl, T. Kahn, and D. Disharoon, Atari PILOT Activities and Games, Reston, 1983. Level B.

S. Papert, Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas, Basic Books, 1980. Level C.

R. P. Taylor, The Computer in the School: Tutor, Tool, Tutee, Teacher's College Press, 1980. Level C.

D. D. Thornburg, Picture This! — An Introduction to Computer Graphics for Kids of All Ages (for Atari PILOT), Addison-Wesley, 1982. Level B.

D. D. Thornburg, Picture This Too!An Introduction to Computer Graphics for Kids of All Ages (for Apple SuperPILOT), Addison-Wesley, 1982. Level B.

D. D. Thornburg, Computer Art and Animation: A Guide to TI Logo, Addison-Wesley, 1983. Level B.

D. D. Thornburg, Computer Art and Animation: A Guide to Radio Shack Color Logo, Addison-Wesley, 1983. Level B.

D. D. Thornburg, Every Kid's First Book of Robots and Computers, COMPUTE! Books, 1982. Level A.

D. D. Thornburg, Discovering Apple Logo: An Invitation to the Art and Pattern of Nature, Addison-Wesley, 1983. Level B, C.

D. Watt, Learning With Logo, McGraw-Hill, 1983. Level B.

Computer Languages And Products

In addition to the commercial languages shown here, COMPUTE! has published versions of PILOT to BASIC interpreters that include turtle graphics. These articles started in September 1982 with a version for the Apple by Alan Poole.

Apple computers:
Apple Logo (disk from Apple)
Terrapin Logo (disk from Terrapin)
rell Logo (disk from Krell)
Delta Drawing (disk from Spinnaker)

Atari computers:
Atari PILOT (cartridge from Atari)
Atari Logo (cartridge from Atari)
WSFN (disk from Atari APX)
Delta Drawing (cartridge from Spinnaker)

Commodore computers:
Commodore 64 Logo (disk from Commodore)
COMAL (Commodore 64 disk from COMAL User's Group, Len Lindsay, Madison, WI)
Turtle Graphics II (Commodore 64 cartridge from HES)
Delta Drawing (cartridge from Spinnaker)

IBM computers:
Dr. Logo (disk from Digital Research)
Delta Drawing (disk from Spinnaker)

Radio Shack computers:
Radio Shack Color Computer (disk or car­tridge from Radio Shack)

Texas Instruments computers:
TI Logo (cartridge from Texas Instruments)

TOPO (remote-controlled robot from Androbot)
RB-5X (self-contained robot from RB-Robotics)
Hero-1 (self-contained robot from Heath)


The following organizations provide generally nonoverlapping views into the community of users of languages like Logo.

Asociacion Amigos de Logo
Salguero 2969
1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Friends of LISP/Logo and Kids (FOLLK)
436 Arbalo Dr.
San Francisco, CA 94132

National Logo Exchange
P.O. Box 5341
Charlottesville, VA 22905

Young People's Logo Association
1208 Hillsdale Dr.
Richardson, TX 75081

A Note About "Friends Of The Turtle"

I have received overwhelming support from you all in the last two years. Together we have seen turtle graphics and the languages that support it move from relative obscurity to the forefront of the personal computer experience. In the beginning there was little to keep track of — and more time to help people on a direct basis. Now the vision we all shared has become reality — high quality turtle graphics environments are available on most of the personal computers on the market today. In keeping with this change, I have decided to focus all my activities for "Friends Of The Turtle" on this monthly column. As always, I want to hear from you with your ideas and programs that you would like shared with your fellow readers. Those of you wishing to join an organization that supports your interest should contact the organizations listed above. Each is excellent and can provide many valuable services to members.

Thank you for a wonderful two years — may the next years be as exciting.