Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 132

Get The Gold

Frank Elsesser

Here's a TI-99 version of the classic dungeon adventure game, complete with perfidious monsters, cunning thieves, and dangerous trap doors. The game also includes some pretty eerie sound effects.

If you're brave enough, this game will take you into a two-level, 128-chamber dungeon on a quest for treasure. You may come out rich, or you may not come out at all. Finding your way through the passages might seem simple enough if you were alone in the dungeon, but there are monsters hiding in some of the chambers. In others, thieves will attempt to steal part of your hard-won gold. Some chambers have trap doors in the floor which drop you back to a lower level or send you plum-meting into deep pits.

Since the game is quite long, it is divided into two segments. The first part (Program 1) gives detailed instructions on playing, and the second part (Program 2) is the game itself. You should first type in Program 1 and, after checking for errors, SAVE it to tape. Don't rewind the tape. Next, type in Program 2. After correcting any typing errors, SAVE Program 2 immediately after Program 1 on the same tape. When you load and run Program 1, it will give you instructions on loading the second part.