Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 43 / DECEMBER 1983 / PAGE 52


Gerald P. Graham

This program determines your calorie output for a great variety of activities (from sitting to weight lifting), and gives you your total daily energy output. With screen instructions and menu, it's simple to use. Written for the Atari, versions for the Apple, VIC, 64, TI, and Color Computer are also included.

In the December 1982 issue of COMPUTE!, Charles Brannon presented a program for calculating the calories in your diet. It also estimates your daily needs and then predicts how long it will take you to get rid of any extra weight you want to lose.

"Calorie Cop" is a companion program which determines the caloric output for each activity you perform. It also calculates the calories expended for each activity so you can see your total daily energy output. When you RUN the program you are given instructions and then a seven-page, alphabetical menu of activities from archery to wrestling. Just press the letter corresponding to your activity, and if you don't see it, continue to press RETURN to turn the pages until you find it. If your activity is not listed, then use one that is comparable.

Keep in mind that the results should be modified by knowledge of the context of the activities. Some activities require greater skill and coordination than others, thus a higher caloric output. In cases where an unskilled person is competing against a skilled person, the former usually works harder. Desire and effort are also factors. One research study involved filming very heavy individuals playing tennis doubles. The very heavy players were found to be standing 65 percent of the time. Whereas vigorous tennis doubles requires .046 calories per minute per pound of weight, standing is worth only .011 cal/min/lb.

Do not use this or any other diet/exercise program except under the advice and consent of your physician.

Many different options are available in "Calorie Cop." Atari version.