Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 42 / NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 313

Games For The VIC And 64

Creative Software has produced In the Chips, an educational game for the VIC-20.

In the game, one or two players are given $100,000 with which to organize a software company, research and develop a product line, and plan marketing strategies. The winner will be the one who assesses the market correctly and turns the largest profit.

The game, which is available in a cartridge, sells for $29.95.

Another new offering from Creative is Crisis Mountain, previously available for Apple and Atari. The game, licensed to Creative from Synergistic Software, is an adventure in which the player must guide mine explorer Kip Armstrong to treasure while avoiding traps, bombs, and bats.

Crisis Mountain, sold in cartridge format, is available for $34.95 for the 64, and $29.95 for the VIC.

Creative Software
230 East Caribbean Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(408) 745-1655