Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 42 / NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 313

Games Converted For Atari

Activision has converted two of its best-selling home videogames for Atari home computers.

The games, River Raid and Kaboont!, have been enhanced to make use of the increased power and memory availability of the Atari computers.

In River Raid the player pilots a B1 Strato-wing Assault Jet over a constantly changing river course. New twists added to the game include hovering hot-air reconnaissance balloons, helicopters and tanks that shoot back, vivid graphics and battle sounds, an expanded control panel, a pause feature, and the ability for more advanced players to select more difficult river sections.

Kaboom! features the Mad Bomber, a convict who roams the rooftops dropping bombs. The player maneuvers water buckets to catch the falling bombs. New additions to the game include a variation that allows one player to be the Mad Bomber and the other to catch the falling bombs, a high-score table, and a musical score which features the 1812 Overture.

Both games retail for $34.95.

Activision, Inc.
2350 Bayshore Frontage Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 960-0410