Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 42 / NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 313

Investment Manager, Disk Manager, And Games

Bytes and Bits has released a handful of programs for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20 computers.

Investment Portfolio Manager is a program to track volatile assets such as stocks and stock options.

The program, for disk-based Commodore 64 systems, can handle entries of up to $99,999 and can report on nine investment categories. It is available for $14.95.

Disk Directory Manager, which can sort more than 1500 filenames into an organized list, is available for $19.95 for the VIC or 64. The program is written in machine language.

In Dungeons for the VIC-20 with 16K expansion, the player creates characters who explore a 12-level, 1200-room dungeon. The game is available on tape or disk for $19.95.

Pak Alien for the unexpanded VIC is a machine language game that includes 100 difficulty levels. Guide your alien through a maze of interplanetary space particles while dodging seven aliens. Pak Alien, which can be played with joystick or keyboard, sells for $14.95 on tape or disk.

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