Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 42 / NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 212

Phone Directory And Dialer For The TI

Ken McCann

This useful program will work as a phone number file as well as an automatic dialer. It will run on the TI with or without Extended BASIC.

Your computer, cassette recorder, and TV are all you need to run this program. Although it is written in standard TI BASIC, it will run faster if you have Extended BASIC.

DATA statements are included in the program, so only one load is required. Also, with the data files at the beginning of the program, data entry is simple and straightforward. The line numbers and the file numbers are the same, to make updating and deleting less complicated.

DATA Line Format

Enter the name and phone number information for your personal directory in the form shown below (also see line 1 in program for same example):

Line No. File No. Name Phone Number
1 DATA 1, MCCANN.K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
variables (in program) A B$ C D E F G H I

The last DATA entry must be followed by an END line. For example:

140 DATA 140, END

Auto Dialing

In most cases, the accuracy of the frequencies generated with the CALL SOUND statement is not close enough to use as "touch tones" to dial the phone. Therefore, I executed CALL SOUND statements with a frequency counter hooked up to the TV audio output, and added or subtracted until I got the proper frequency.

To use the Auto Dial feature, hold the phone up to the speaker of your TV and press C. Note that you must have a Touch-Tone type phone to use the Auto Dial feature. Two tones were used, and the frequencies for each digit of the phone dial are as follows:

1 697, 1209
2 697, 1336
3 697, 1447
4 770, 1209
5 770, 1336
6 770, 1447
7 852, 1209
8 852, 1336
9 852, 1447
0 941, 1336

Program Operation

Search Name and Dial: Type RUN, then press N to enter the Search mode. You are prompted to enter the Name exactly as it is in the files and then to press ENTER. The computer will display the DATA item called for. Press C, and the computer will PRINT the number and sound the dial tones for the number.

List: Type RUN, then press L to enter the List mode. You will see DATA as it is in the files. Press C to look at the entire list.

Letter Index List: Type RUN, then press I to enter the Index Mode. Then simply enter the first letter of the last name and press ENTER. The computer will display all the entries beginning with that letter.

Program Explanation

Lines 1-299 can be used for DATA statements. Remember to put the END statement last, after all files are listed.

Lines 300-480 set up the menu.

Lines 510-740 list all DATA items in the order they appear.

Lines 810-990 search DATA for a particular name.

Lines 1000-1820 dial the number and print the file number.

Lines 1830-2030 search for and print all names beginning with a given letter.